Rene Guajardo Lufkin Daily News

SNI Employee of the Month


Rene Guajardo, Lufkin Daily News

From Leonard Woolsey

Rene Guajardo may have a lot of tools in his bag as an IT director in Lufkin, but after his recent stint overseeing the Nacogdoches daily operations, many of us now wonder what other tools he may be hiding up his sleeve.

“I can’t thank Rene enough for his stepping up to help guide the Nacogdoches staff in the past several weeks,” said Leonard Woolsey, publisher of The Daily News in Galveston and advisor to the Nacogdoches property. 

“Rene’s steady hand has provided Neice Bell, Waylon Smart and me a steady hand in identifying issues that needed addressing as well as taking care of smaller issues on a local level.” 

Guajardo, primarily known for his role in IT for the Lufkin and Nacogdoches newspapers, is also known for his even approach to problem solving — something that served the company well this situation. 

“Rene has always been considered a valuable member of the team,” Woolsey said. “But his willingness to step up and help all of the employees in both Lufkin and Nacogdoches only reinforces why he is so highly respected by his co-workers in and outside of east Texas.”