Nik Susnjara – The Herald-Zeitung

SNI Employee of the Month


Nik Susnjara – The Herald-Zeitung

From Neice Bell

Nik Susnjara was promoted from circulation assistant to circulation director on July 1, when the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung was suffering the worst from the worker shortage.

"We had many carriers quit, and most without notice." Publisher Neice Bell said. "Nik was the only one in his department at the time, so he would deliver as many as he could overnight, go home and get some rest, and then come into the office to do the daily office duties."

Everyone in the office pitched in to help as best as they could, but Susnjara went above and beyond to ensure the circulation department was running smoothly.

"He is learning something new every day and has made so many positive changes to the department." Bell said.

He has hired a full staff, has contracted a full slate of carriers and is teaching and learning as he goes, Bell said. He is not afraid to reach out to other circulation directors to see how things are done and has many great ideas on how to improve circulation as a whole.

Circulation revenue went over budget and goal for August and is on the road to success.

"We are lucky to have him on our team," Bell said.