Mary Madewell The Paris News

SNI Employee of the Month


Mary Madewell, Reporter, The Paris News

From Relan Walker

Mary Madewell is the epitome of a great reporter. Even after more than two decades (off and on) on the streets reporting for The Paris News, and a stint in the managing editor’s seat, Mary’s thirst for knowledge of local events and local people is never quenched.

We’re not even sure “no” is in Mary’s vocabulary. Willing to tackle any assignment, Mary has produced some of The Paris News’ most read articles — with more than a few topping more than 30,000 people reached when those stories are shared via the newspaper’s social media channels.

Mary is a wealth of knowledge on her beats, which include covering the city of Paris and the Prairiland ISD school board. She is now a part-time reporter, opting for shorter hours so she can provide care for her husband while continuing to work. Even with that challenge, Mary keeps pace with the number of articles she turns in per month. In addition to her beat reporting, Mary writes the weekly Living section feature. Those stories have gotten even better as Mary puts to good use training she received in March during a feature writing conference at Texas Christian University.

Simply put, The Paris News would be lost without Mary Madewell. For generations of readers, she is the face of the paper and our readers know when they see a Mary Madewell story in the newspaper, it’s going to be factually correct and a great read.