Sandra Alderete The Del Rio News-Herald

SNI Employee of the Month


Sandra Alderete

During trying times, ordinary employees who go above and beyond the call of duty can make all the difference in the world.

At the Del Rio News-Herald, one employee has been doing that for months, but she went even further in April.

Sandra Alderete, who runs the classified department for the News-Herald, volunteered to be cross trained when the News-Herald’s former business manager resigned.

When the economic downturn from the coronavirus hit, Alderete was the prime person responsible for handling the influx of phone calls — hundreds over a week-long period — and was able to ease concerns of our customers.

With a colleague out sick, Sandra also stepped up to help the corporate office close out March and took over many aspects of the business manager’s job for the month.

Despite many challenges, every morning she was the first one here and she continued to assist me, the business manager and any customer who called, without complaining.

During April, she was our most valuable team member.