Benita RodriguezHouston

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Benita Rodriguez, Houston

    Waylon Smart, one of our IT gurus, made this recommendation. Here’s what Waylon had to say:

    Benita Rodriguez is at the top of my list.

    It’s time we recognize the staff of SNI for their work behind the scenes to get the job done. You have said repeatedly that SNI gets their monthly numbers in a timely fashion and that is not always the norm in our industry. The employees in Houston help make this possible. 

    Benita has been instrumental in the Brainworks transition over the last year. She has provided training and support for the business managers during the process. Benita has worked with us to create the reports for the report initiative. She provided me with all of the Tactician Media data in a timely manner. She is helping me start SNI's transition to the Brainworks classified platform. 

    This is completely new for SNI as we merge our classifieds product with the AR system for the first time. I’m not even mentioning her daily duties which most of them I’m not even aware of.

    Over the last year Benita has been asked to do more and more and she has answered the call.