Robert SalinesGalveston County Daily News

SNI Employee of the Month


Robert Salines, Mailroom Foreman

Every newspaper publisher knows running a good mailroom can make or break a newspaper’s on-time performance. Fortunately for The Daily News in Galveston, Robert Salines is in charge. 

Yvonne Mascorro, Circulation Director for The Daily News, said this about Robert:

"Robert Salinas has worked for The Daily News for more than 40 years. He has excelled in his new role as mailroom foreman. In the short time that he’s overseen the mailroom area he has made a measurable impact. He has demonstrated leadership and professionalism by leading by example.

 Robert is a dedicated employee. He is always looking to grow his knowledge in the equipment and for his area. He is also an exemplary example of teamwork. His willingness to help other departments reflects it.”

In addition to Mascorro’s spot-on assessment, Salines is highly respected by his peers and and is always first to offer a hand to anyone throughout the operation. 

The Daily News is fortunate to have Robert Salines as a part of the team.