David BloomManaging Editor Baytown

SNI Employee of the Month

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    David Bloom, Baytown

    Baytown Sun Managing Editor David Bloom earns the honor this month, for his work during Hurricane Harvey and his years of dedication to the company.

    Publisher Janie Gray said David provided steady, calm leadership through the storm and its aftermath.

    "Not only did we have the storm and historic flooding to deal with, there was a plant explosion, a murder investigation of a local realtor and Arkema plant explosion in Crosby, causing further evacuations," Janie said. "Also, there were major concerns about the cap in the San Jacinto River Waste Pit.

    "Needless to say, not a slow news day," she said.

    David made it to the office every day during the storm when all but three other employees were flooded and could not travel.

    "Carol and I were working remotely, sending him photos and social media until we could get in," Janie said. "He was basically on his own getting the pages built and to Galveston. We planned ahead in case we lost power and could not access the server. We had moved everything to a flash drive for the next three editions and had sent it home with him."

    That included templates, ads and a backup classified page if needed.

    "He stayed calm and navigated the reporters to assignments, trying to get everything covered," Janie said. "There were many news challenges on his plate that all needed immediate coverage. … He helped keep his reporters calm and focused.

    "It takes someone with that type of experience to handle such a big news week," Janie said. "I feel he played a major role in our ability to publish without interruption."