Melissa Collins – Lufkin

SNI Employee of the Month


Melissa Collins – Lufkin

Good employees are willing to take on more duties when needed. Great employees do so with a great attitude.

Melissa Collins, an assistant in the mailroom, has stepped up to help keep Lufkin Daily News employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by cleaning the entire office.

Melissa’s positive, can-do attitude is evident all of the time. She is a very hard worker, cares about the quality of her work and goes above and beyond to ensure her work is not only finished but done correctly.

While the mailroom has been severely short staffed the past several months, Melissa has continuously stepped up and taken care of her job and takes on other duties each night, depending on what work needs to be completed.

When Melissa started in April 2015, she had no experience in the mailroom. Since that time, she has worked hard, learned the jobs in the mailroom to become an assistant.

She has learned everything she needs to make her and the whole department’s jobs easier, said Donnie Giacone, mailroom manager, and Melissa’s supervisor. She has a great record of attendance, coming in early and staying late. 

A few months ago, she took on the responsibility of the cleaning duties for the whole office. Donnie said she performs both jobs diligently and neither job has suffered. 

Melissa’s positive attitude, her willingness to take on any task, any job and do it without complaint and with a smile, helps the entire newspaper. She is always smiling, and she takes time often to check on her co-workers, including those in other departments.