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SNI Employee of the Month


Maddy McCarty

Maddy McCarty not only did her usual phenomenal job helping run the newsroom, she did it without showering.

Our assistant managing editor has been a godsend since her promotion earlier this year, willing to learn page design to fill an urgent need while maintaining our most important beat, being the assignment editor and writing coach for an entirely new reporting staff, taking over as the main copy reader and putting together a must-read weekly business column.

In recent weeks, she stepped up from that already significant workload.

In late August, when Managing Editor Michael Morris was out of town, she ran the operation as hurricane forecasters were drawing circles around our communities, preparing the staff for coverage and producing the daily paper on bumped-up deadlines. A few weeks later, she took the lead again on the most significant non-COVID story we’ve had — when a brain-eating amoeba that killed a 6-year-old boy was found in our cornerstone circulation city. Houston and national media were left chasing her coverage.

That water emergency prevented her from being able to shower in her apartment for several days, but she didn’t let that inconvenience deter her from her regular responsibilities, plus the added demands of being the local reporter on a national news story.

Maddy joined The Facts in December 2017 after completing her master’s degree in mass communications/media studies at Texas Tech, from where she also earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism.