Preslie CoxThe Baytown Sun

SNI Employee of the Month


Preslie Cox, The Baytown Sun

From Carol Skewes

Preslie Cox joined The Baytown Sun in January 2018 as photographer and lifestyle editor. We quickly added magazine editor to her job duties.

In the past year she has helped us take what were three different slick publications: Heartbeat (a health care magazine), Titans (a petrochemical magazine) and Greater Baytown (a lifestyle magazine) into a 12-month publication under the umbrella of the Greater Baytown brand.

Her photography is superb. She is rarely seen without a camera.

Preslie has taken thousands of photos for the newsroom and the magazines. Her camaraderie with Sun staffers, advertisers and anyone she is photographing is consistently positive.

Her dedication to improving her art is inspiring. Preslie always wants to learn more, attending workshops and networking with others. Her design skills help Greater Baytown continually improve. She is developing her writing skills as well.

Before working with The Baytown Sun she ran her own photography studio and managed website content for businesses including the historic Rooster’s Steak House in Baytown, family-owned by her grandparents, Freida Cox and the late Lowell Cox.

At home, Preslie has two terrier mixed breeds, Archie and Murphy. She has a 31-year old horse named Stoney, a Missouri Fox Trotter.

She says her inspiration comes from traveling and being outdoors, “I have found that after seeing new things, places and people, some of my strongest ideas were formed. I also find inspiration from immersing myself with other creatives, photographers, specifically,” she said.

Preslie is a joy to work with. We are glad she is on our team.