David Kirby The Daily News

SNI Employee of the Month


David Kirby, The Daily News

From Leonard Woolsey

David Kirby is the press supervisor for The Daily News in Galveston, TX. Not only has he served the newspapers for decades, surviving multiple hurricanes and other weather events, he is also one of the reasons behind the long-term success of The Daily News. His staff's performance earned the newspapers multiple print quality awards and recognition over the years. Quality is always one of Kirby's hallmarks as much as his warm and generous smile

Last month, however, David received recognition of a different sort, for the condition of printing facilities in Galveston and Texas City. The Texas City facility received a perfect OSHA compliance report.

SNI's Jason Keever praised Kirby's efforts.

"All SNI press facilities undergo an OSHA-style inspection from Vanguard Environmental Specialists. The purpose is to cite any violations and have them corrected in the event OSHA does walk through the door," Keever said. "Most of the time these reports have many cited violations and some can be quite lengthy. I have never received a perfect report given to any press operation.

"David Kirby and his staff have shown a new standard all should aspire to reach." Keever said.

Congratulations to David Kirby. His attention to excellence in the safety of facilities he manages is highly appreciated by all those around him.