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SNI Employee of the Month


Laura Elder

No one person has done more to keep up the quality of Daily News publications during the Coronavirus pandemic than Laura Elder, Editor Michael Smith said in recommending her for SNI employee of the month.

Elder, editor of Coast Monthly, has done a remarkable job maintaining the quality of Coast Monthly in the middle of a pandemic. She was able to pivot and retool the March and April editions when the whole world was locked down and came up with new content to replace what just couldn’t be produced under those conditions.

“Not only did she get good issues out, they actually were some of the best we have done,” Smith said.

At the same time, she contributed markedly as managing editor to taking The Daily News to five days a week and beefing up digital offerings with weekly polls, the digital preview on Weekend A2 and by vetting wire copy to scrub any bias out of AP reporting. 

“She has been instrumental in keeping quality and focus in The Daily News.” Smith said. “Everybody thinks she works on Coast, but she’s also the managing editor of an aggressive daily newspaper and works a lot on that. The Daily News wouldn’t be the Daily News without her work.”