Claudio DeLeonDel Rio

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Claudia Deleon, Del Rio

    Nominator, Sandra Castillo, said:

    “Business Manager Claudia Deleon has been with the company a little over a year, and in a short time she has become a great asset. She continually goes above and beyond in everything she does.

    “I used to think the right-hand person to the publisher should always be the advertising director because they are the lifeline of what we do. But I have come to know that having a strong business manager is just as important!

    “Claudia has been a big help during my transition and training process. I feel I can ask her anything, and she is eager to help me understand. Also, she is currently helping New Braunfels with payroll, accounts receivable, end of month closings and budget, which I think says a lot for her.

    “Even though she is helping New Braunfels, she continues to maintain her normal workload here in Del Rio. She never complains, and I truly believe it is because she loves what she does. I am proud to have her on my team.”