Misty WarnerBaytown, Business Manager

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Misty Warner, Baytown, Business manager

    Nominated by Janie Gray:

    “Misty Warner was hired at The Baytown Sun in 2014. Her first assignment was a ‘rover,’ meaning she trained to work in the accounting, classified and circulation departments. Misty primarily worked in accounting but helped out in classified and circulation departments as needed.

    “Having a proven cross-trained worker has worked out well for the paper and Misty.

    “But Misty did not stop there. After learning the ins and outs of three departments, Misty decided to take on the IT department. She has been working with Greg and Waylon to learn the IT operation and it is going well.

    “Misty is always willing to help out, convey her thoughts on how to improve our operation and gets her job done. She has accomplished a lot in the short time she has been with us and I am very proud of her.

    “Most recently, she became business manager at The Sun, succeeding Carol Skewes, who will continue as ad director.

    “Misty grew up in Baytown and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Grand Canyon University.

    She has a daughter, Lillian, 3, and a son, Jacob, 6.”