Dena MatthewsDena Matthews, Bay City

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Dena Matthews, Bay City

    Dena Matthews has worked for Southern for almost 40 years. She started at The Tribune in 1974 in the composing department. After three years she went over to the classified department and became manager. Five years later she was transferred to The Facts.

    She worked under the leadership of Bill Cornwell who promoted her to classified manager. She worked there until 2010.

    In 2013 she was hired back to the Tribune and now serves as classified manager. She is always looking for new ways to make money. She sells one or two sig pages per month, a real estate page and also a weekly business directory that is almost two full pages. It’s not unusual for the classified section to be two full pages or more.

    Publisher Brenda Burr nominated Matthews because, “Above and beyond her job, she always steps up and helps out in other departments. While we have been going through transitions, she has offered to learn every department to act as backup if needed. 

    "She encourages the outside sales reps daily and offers to handle paperwork if they are out in the field selling. She always has a positive attitude and puts the welfare of the newspaper first."

    Her family moved to Matagorda County when she was 5. Matthews has two grown children, Nancy and husband Joe and Alan and wife Marion; four grandsons, Landen, Simon, Benjamin and Joshua. She is a member of the Cedar Lane Baptist Church and she loves to fish, walk on the beach and spend time with her family and friends.