Candra RobertsFort Payne

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Candra Roberts, Fort Payne Times-Journal

    Tricia Clinton-Dunne nominated Candra Roberts for recognition as Employee of the Month. Candra has been with the Times-Journal for three years as photographer and art director.

    “Two years ago she lead our team to restructure our magazine,” Tricia said “After two years of success as a bimonthly magazine, we are taking DeKalb Living monthly. Candra has been an instrumental part of that. She also works each day in the newsroom, laying out pages, obituaries and community calendar.

    “She is a staple employee in all our operations.”

    She does all that while also attending Savannah College of Art and Design, working toward a degree in Visual Communications.

    Candra and her husband Maurey have two children, Maura and Jensen.