Matt Hollis – The Baytown Sun

SNI Employee of the Month


– The Baytown Sun

From Carol Skewes

It is with great pleasure that we nominate Matt Hollis, a longtime reporter for The Baytown Sun, for consideration for SNI Employee of the Month.

"Hollis is a hard-working, grinding journalist, a huge asset to our department and is deserving of this recognition on a regular basis, but since the Great Winter Storm of 2021, he has gone above and beyond to serve the paper and community," said Managing Editor David Bloom.

Since the Big Freeze in Baytown, Matt has been without water in his apartment, and made due using bottled water and whatever means necessary to survive along with his 78-year-old mother, Anna, (and their pets too). He did this while keeping up with his daily workload, including very heated coverage of the Robert E. Lee High School name change debate in Baytown. He has not missed a day or an assignment despite his deteriorated home life. Even though this was not required of him, he did so willingly.

"Matt is dependable, always there. He does not complain. He is on the pulse of the parties he writes about and helps the newsroom tick," said Publisher Carol Skewes. "We appreciate Matt."