Yadi CantuThe Brazosport Facts

SNI Employee of the Month


    Yadi Cantu, The Brazosport Facts

    Yadi Cantu is one of a handful of employees who has filled such a valuable role at The Facts for so long that you can’t imagine the place without them.

    "Yadi is the mother hen of The Facts newspaper, and with 28 years here she knows it all when it comes to Retail advertising," Advertising Director Cindy Cornette said. "She does so much for The Facts."

    She handles ad tickets, takes care of walk-in customers, dummies the paper and reminds everyone of deadlines. She also provides excellent customer service, she is a team player, she is loyal and she handles complaints with a smile and a positive attitude.

    Yadi also handles all of The Facts and The Bay City Tribune’s inserts. She makes sure schedules are correct and tags insert pallets to make sure they run on the right date.

    Perhaps most impressive of late, though, is her performance in selling the Brazosport Area Chamber of Commerce member directory and tourist guide.

    Faced with a daunting $56,000 goal to meet last year’s sales in the member guide, Yadi not only met that goal, she crushed it. She brought in $60,575 in revenue in that one publication in 2018 – an 8 percent increase over last year.

    "Yadi richly deserves recognition as SNI employee of the month," Publisher Yvonne Mintz said. "She always has the paper’s best interest at heart, and she gives it all she has to meet her goals and go beyond."