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SNI Employee of the Month


Tom Holden

From Carlina Villalpando

Tom Holden, photo editor and IT/systems administrator at The Kerrville Daily Times, is the glue that holds The Times together.

Holden celebrated 10 years with the company in August, and Publisher Carlina Villalpando nominated him as Employee of the Month for Southern Newspapers, Inc. 

In 10 years, Holden has amassed dozens of awards from various press associations, including multiple photographer of the year honors. 

Holden is a talented and passionate photographer, but what sets him apart as a model employee are his leadership and stalwart reliability. 

An example is how Holden has stepped up multiple times over the last 10 years to lead Kerrville’s newsroom during several periods of editor vacancies. Again from May to August this year, he led daily reporter and budget meetings and coordinated news coverage while The Times hired its new managing editor.

And beyond photography, IT and leadership, Holden is most admired — in the office and in the community — for his character.

“Tom isn’t just a good employee; he’s a good friend,” Villalpando said. “He’s always looking out for the best for our team and always goes out of his way to help his coworkers. He doesn’t just get the job done. He’s the kind of guy you count on to do what’s right and have everyone’s best interest at heart.