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SNI Employee of the Month

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    Sally Boswell, Paris

    Relan Walker says February’s employee of the month, Sally Boswell, has proven herself a valuable member of the editorial team during a time of major transition. Boswell joined The Paris News team as a member of the composition department in 1981.

    "I myself have been with the News since 1986, so I've seen first-hand Sally’s development and evolution within many roles across departments," Relan said. "Her transition to the newsroom brought a new dimension of cross training to the editorial department."

    "As you know, this past year was one of great transition at The Paris News," Relan said. "In addition to our publisher change, we have turned over a production manager and a sports editor and we have promoted new office and circulation managers from within the company — all in 2017."

    Also last year, the Paris News newsroom had three managing editors, turned over city editors twice and turned over a few staff writers. Through all of this transition, Sally was the one constant that kept the department running.

    "Her experience and judgment ruled the day," Relan said. "We are staffed for success here going forward, for the first time in a long time, and that would not be possible without the crucial role Sally played in 2017."