Jennifer Sassenhagen-LealNew Braunfels Classifieds Manager

SNI Employee of the Month

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    Jennifer Sassenhagen-Leal, New Braunfels

    From David Compton:

    I’d like to nominate Jennifer Sassenhagen-Leal.

    Jennifer has played many roles in her seven years in New Braunfels, and today she’s wearing lots of hats.

    She jokingly refers to her short stature all the time, and while she may be small, her impact on our operation is huge. She knows how to sell and excels at customer service. She’s also our business manager.

    Her reputation for successfully running the classified side of our operation is so well known that many times she is asked to help sister papers with classified initiatives and training.

    Over the past two months she has stepped up filling several roles in the building. She always does it with a smile and never a complaint, even if she has no idea what the job entails. I can’t think of anyone who typifies teamwork more than Jennifer.  

    Recently, she was promoted to the business manager and is still keeping some focus on managing classifieds and overseeing customer service. All together she has been with the paper for about seven years. While you may never know what you’ll find her working on at any given moment, you can be certain that she’ll being doing it with a world-class effort. 

    We also placed her in charge of helping us to improve our customer service. In that capacity, she’ll oversee finding opportunities to improve customer service both inside and outside the building. It is an important area of focus for us and I have no doubt that she’ll do it with a world-class effort.